Neférte's Ambassador Program

Want to be a brand ambassador? Apply below.
What does it take?

• Post at least one high quality picture/video of yourself using Neferte products every other week

• Include links to our website and social media

• Don't forget to use your influencer code!

• Remain respectful and share positive, inspirational content

We Love Rewards

• Free gifts and products​

• Exclusive discounts

• Your very own influencer code - earn 20% commission on every order placed using your code!

• Exposure on our Facebook and Instagram

How To Apply
What Do I need to get staretd?

• At least one picture or video of you using any Neferte product! This can be a demo video, a simple selfie, or anything you choose. (Be creative!)

• Fill out the form below with some basic info and a few questions

Contact us

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